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Tor: An anonymous Internet communication system
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Anonymous Remailer Stats, Meta-Stats and other Information
Private Idaho Email Version 5 Supports PGP 5 and PGP 6

Trusted Computing
[LAFKON] - A movie about Trusted Computing.


BiometriKa - Tecnologie per la Sicurezza e l'Identificazione Biometrica
CIPHERWAR: Carnivore FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
CryptoDox - CryptoDox
Crypto-Gram Italia
Dagli hacker un libro denuncia arriva "The dark side of Google"
Endoacustica: cellulari spia, telefonini spia, gsm spia per il monitoraggio ambientale
EPIC -- Former Secrets
Network Forensics Evasion: How to Exit the Matrix
NSA Watch
Off-the-Record Messaging
One Moment Please...
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Privacy Is Dead - Get Over It (belated version)
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