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They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security. Benjamin Franklin

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Latest news - edition 43 of 22th June 2012 (not fully updated)

The Winston Smith Project organized e-privacy 2012 in Milan the 21th and 22th June 2012. Details on the convention here.

The Winston Smith Project organized the event "Schegge di Kriptonite - Kriptonite splinters" (video) at Hackmeeting 0x0E , the 25th june 2011 .

The Winston Smith Project was at Agora' Digitale first convention, held in Salerno the 6 september 2009, where was introduced the RoseBox , project, an evolution of Pbox project. Avalaible the homepage of convention and the video of Rosebox presentation.

Peacereporter Peacereporter and Winston Smith Project are working together to realize "Libera", an initiative to defend freedom of speech and press, and to build and manage a privacy server hosted in Peacereporter datacenter.

Saturday 11th October 09:30 in Rome will be held a conference on "Save civil rights, stop surveillance escalation".
following the link you'll find event details. You can find the manifest with the explaination of the event, and leaflets, posters and graphics in the "Graphics" section of the site (Italian only, but is not entirely our fault!!).

The translation of the Winston Smith Project freesite must go on; we need you to volunteer for this job. Write or send a message if you can help us. At this moment, only the homepage is in English; if this goes on blame not only us but also all bilingual visitor that didn't volunteer for translation.

The Project freesite is on Freenet again; the site was reinserted in Freenet 0.7 at this URI freenet:USK@RU-C2q5kN7K62WO3seMMjSTUY8izF2vCFyVFOnLf~Q0,wxvGO2QMT6IN9c7dNUhHeHnXVVwhq8YLbQL~DlMA7YE,AQACAAE/pws/6/

The Project site is avalaible as Tor hidden service. To use it you need Tor and Privoxy installed and active; go to the URI http://5zaspldty2calvcq.onion/

News from previous editions

The Winston Smith Project organized e-privacy 2009 in Florence the 22-23 May 2009.
During the convention there was be the << Big Brother Award Italia 2009 >> assignment ceremony.
A full independent "reportage" in English made by a convention member is avalaible.
The full press release document in English is avalaible here.

The Winston Smith Project organized the italian chapter of "Freedom, not Fear 2008", in collaboration with AK Vorrat;

The Winston Smith Project was at MOCA 2008 Moca 2008 logo camp, held in Pescara, Italy from 21 to 24 august 2008.

The Winston Smith Project organized E-privacy 2008 , that was held in Florence the 9-10 May 2008. During the convention there was the << Big Brother Award Italia 2008 >> prizes assignment ceremony.

You was unable to find the T-shirt or the logo of the Project ? You can try more to find them, or do-it-yourself using the logo and the T-shirt graphic avalaible in vector or raster format.

The Winston Smith Project organized E-privacy 2007 , held in Florence the 18th and 19th May; you can find papers & audio on this << site >> . During the convention there was the << Big Brother Award Italia 2007 >> prizes assignment ceremony.

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Winston Smith is the main character of "1984", the famous George Orwell's novel; at the end of the novel, Winston Smith is defeated by the Big Brother.

Today, in the Third Millennium, Big Brother is between us, materialized from the printed paper of a book to the real world, and become bigger each day; this happens unnoticed or approved by the majority of people, .